Superhero Trivia


Everyone loves a good game! Utilize this delivery method to educate AND provide your employees with some fun!

Now, we know you won't be needing a Superhero Trivia game to educate your employees. You probably already realize this, but to state the obvious, we had to pull out the actual client info (for legal reasons) and drop in something else. Essentially, this is a demo that's meant to show our gamification capabilities.

Providing a entire module or sub-sections of a training module with a game can HUGELY increase the training retention in all your employees. You'll notice the difference in on-time completions and early starts.

Not just for kids and teens, or adults who play when their kids go to bed. Games are a way of life - especially now that we are all connected 24 hours a day.

Ever see how playing a game can improve your employee's knowledge?
...well, it's time you found out.

Games - we all love 'em - so think about how you could craft your sales, equipment, product, or service training into a game format. Then give us a call!

The exercise shown below is a live sample.
Go ahead and try it.

DEMO Go ahead and play! (Original concept by Allison LaMotte).
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No better way to engage your employees than with a game.