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Interactive Simulations & Exercises

Animate Infographics, Annual Company Data, Processes, Procedures - just about anything you can think of.

Animations, especially interactive ones, provide that "Hey, check this out!" that you REALLY WANT with eLearning materials.

We know that eLearning, at times, is still perceived as dry, dull, boring. But it doesn't have to be.

A great learning product has alot to do with the expertise, experience, and the drive of the intructional designers working on it. Creative Approaches has been in business since 1983 - and we are still going strong! We've found over the past 30+ years that online training must evolve with new instrucitonal design techniques, utilize a "marketing" mind that is playful and creative, and all materials must work on the todays devices.

So before you do a final sign off on that course storyboard, give some more thought to adding animations and simulations.

The exercise shown below is a live sample.
Go ahead and try it.

A Few Other Demos
MPJE Made Easy
interactive guide
NCCER: Generators and Transformers
Interactive Slider
Carrier Corporation & Topaz Publications, Inc.

Animations and simulations keep learners focused.