Sectors We've Served

Custom online courses with hundreds of thousands of training hours logged by over a hundred thousand employees.


Enhanced traditional classroom training. Perfect for todays students who use the newest mobile technology every day.


Agricultural development by improved use of technology and communication. Row-crop driving and visualizing elevation mapping.


Product and process, soft skills training with simulations and animation. Virtual exploded diagrams of complex parts.


OSHA mandated procedures, national and international building codes. New techniques and materials updated immediately.


Solid goods to chemicals. Transporter and distributor codes, state line rules, rack sections and strategic placement.


Stage techniques, set ups, and production policies. Stage directions, production notes, step-by-step stage hand responsibilities.

Financial Services

Banking regulations, operations, compliance. Trading operations, commodity markets, corporate treasury management.


Sole sourced or subcontracted. Partnering with GSA certified business as a subcontractor on instructional design projects.

Health Care

Specific like a course on the symptoms and treatment of a bochdalek hernia. In-depth simulations and case-based scenarios.

Human Resources

Selection, safe operation, and education of employees. Hiring, new hire training, and up-to-date company policies.


The many ways one can become "insured". Car or homeowner insurance, to the extreme kidnap and ransom insurance.


Labor policy, workforce development, online job aids, work instructions (step-by-step), safety, and accident procedures.


Drug-modeling, sales, qualifications, regulations, and consistency in messaging. Cater to market segments.

Professional Services

Solution providers, value-added resellers, systems integrators, managed service providers. Licensing and certifications.


e-books, iBooks, ePUBs, interactive, animated, and simulated experiences. Dedicated online training material. JIT updates.

Real Estate

Educate sales teams and on-site employees. Calculating when to sell, reading local market data, types of mortgages, and rates.


Team and individual player management and development techniques. Training grounds and game procedures. Stats and placement.


Procedural steps, documentation requirements, international supplies, packaging, shipping. GUI design, test results.


Driving policies and procedures. Expenses and reimbursement. Material handling and safety. Customer satisfaction and resolving issues.


Continuous training and certification. Electric, water, heat, communications, gas, sewage, recycling, etc. Public, IOU, and Co-op.

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