Elearning Simulations

When training on the "real thing" is too costly - professionally built online simulations are the next best "thing".

Set Standards

We work with you to document the purpose and goals of the simulation at the beginning of the design process. This is so we can define the standards by which to judge its ultimate success.

The standards of the simulation drive the assessment (how to score the result) and the design (look and feel).

Assessment Model

How will the simulation be assessed? Quantitatively (mathematically) or qualitatively? It all depends on the exercises. Human-centered exercises depend on success through decision making skills. Mathematical exercises look for the right number.

Both types of assessments may be used in the same simulation. It's all based on the standards.

Design Plan

We build the simulation working closely with your subject matter experts (SMEs). Once built, alpha and beta testing will commence to ensure we have the exact orientation, interaction keys, visuals, feedback, movement, and colors of the object being simulated.

This is a very exciting part of the process because seeing is believing!

Mr. Thomas Burke
President of topazpubs.com
"Students were able to select test instruments and perform simulated troubleshooting procedures with limited guidance, measuring temperatures, pressures, and electrical values in order to reach a conclusion about the source of the problem. Despite the complexity of the simulation, Creative Approaches responded to the challenge, producing an interactive training tool that was very well received by the HVAC industry."

Simulation Styles

The style of your simulation could be photo-realistic, illustrative, or three dimensional. We help you decide which one is best for your project.


Photos are perfect for determining a simulation - if you have access to the actual equipment or work environment. We often start with photos as the base.


When simulating parts, pieces, or how items connect, illustrations show the inner workings clearly. Especially for close up (line art) details.


If you need the item to spin, rotate, and zoom then a 3D model will be necessary. We can also design exploded views, cut-throughs, and tiered diagrams.

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New Technology

In today's world technology changes quickly. A simulation can keep your employees up-to-speed on current developments.

New Tasks/Steps

Online training simulations can cut out the time-consuming and costly face-to-face demos, manuals, and on-the-job observations.

Complex Processes

A simulation can be repeated over and over until the employee understands. This makes them perfect for learning complex processes.

Business Simulations

Every simulation we create is custom built to your exact need. We've developed process/procedure, equipment, soft skill, and software-based training simulations.

Hardware Simulations

Do you need to train your employees on how to replace, fix, and maintain engines, vehicles, machinery, and other types of physical equipment? A simulation could definitely be the answer!

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