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An online, web-based app, card trading game that educates and professionally collaborates.

"I understand the complexities of software development and that is why we applaud Creative Approaches’ delivery of our gaming application that exceeded expectation, was delivered on time, and on budget."

~ Dr. Deborah A. Gears, PhD, President and Creative Mind behind

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Gamification App Case Study

Testimony by Deborah Gears

This story is about my experience with Creative Approaches, and I begin with a tale about myself to provide context for understanding.

I am a 40-year career veteran of computing and have worked as a programmer, systems analyst, software development manager, data architect, and tenured professor of information technology.

I have been party to software projects big and small, with outcomes both successful and challenged, and worked with a spectrum of knowledge workers in industry and in the classroom.

My engagement with Creative Approaches has been, by far, the most positive development experience of my career.

As a recent retiree from academia, I began my own business stemming from a successful research project.

During my first year as a newly dubbed entrepreneur I studied the intricacies of business start-ups, along with a search for a software development firm that would fit my needs and expectations.

I had difficulty finding a developer that could understand my requirements, and through a personal recommendation found Ian Caspersson at Creative Approaches.

Working with Creative Approaches has proven to be a most positive experience, not only in software and Elearning development but in business and marketing, as well.

VIDEO Engaging the learner by touching cards to view both sides.

To get started, I provided four design artifacts that we worked through to understand what needed to be built. I shared that our competitive advantage included gamification−the use of game elements in non-game contexts. We agreed on a cost, delivery schedule, and quality−I was anticipating a minimum viable product that would facilitate market testing.

What followed was a website and mobile application that far exceeded expectation.

Ian and the Creative Approaches crew worked independently and would ask questions as they arose. They offered design suggestions that would appeal to customers and inherently influence product marketing.

Carla Lorek
VP of Business Development at Boolean Shore, LLC
"I have been impressed by Ian's quick grasp of our requirements at Creative Approaches, his creative ideas to improve upon our initial design, and his responsiveness to questions, request for help and rapid turnaround on changes. I consider him a strategic partner in our adventure."

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Ian quickly grasped the playful nature of our product and inserted gameful themes that aligned with our strategic intent. He would provide regular reports on progress that gave me a sense of calm knowing we were on track.

Then came the day of unveiling and I really didn’t know what to expect.

As you might guess from this writing, we were gleeful and surprised by the result. My team and I were gleeful because the applications performed exactly as we had wanted, working on any device, with a modern feel and without clutter.

Features were operational sending our salesforce into action ready status−something we didn’t anticipate.

We were surprised because we found features built into the products that we had not thought of but clearly needed, both administrative and customer-facing. During the first release show-and-tell we identified adjacent features that were subsequently incorporated into the product, without hesitation.

Within a few months we fell into a trusting relationship with Creative Approaches through honest and effective communication, demonstrated design know-how, and technological excellence.

Our product is innovative. Ian and crew wrapped technology around it and created an engaging user experience. Here is what early adopters are saying: “I love this! It was so easy to open an account and start adding cards. I want one!” “This is so cool!!” “Navigating the app is simple, intuitive, and I like knowing what my status is.”

"Creative Approaches has been a tremendous asset to getting our site off the ground. They have an outstanding ability to listen, respond and implement our ideas. Most importantly, they seem to understand our vision so thoroughly, they take everything a step further than our expectations. An invaluable asset in our critical partnership with them."

~ Victoria Rizzolo, VP of Sales and Marketing at Boolean Shore, LLC

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