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Short bursts of information that change frequently to close skill and knowledge gaps.

Microlearning Use Case

Microlearning is a strategy for delivering just-in-time (JIT) content to employees at regular intervals. This method is typically used for new product changes or updates, process changes, new initiatives, sales adjustments, rule and regulation updates, and other immediate needs to notify and train in a short period of time.

We have also seen it associated with changes to certification frequency (for example, annual to bi-monthly) and with OSHA mandated regulations on safety and hazardous materials.

The made-up company we are showing here is using it to keep their sales staff informed about a 3D scanner that will be released to the "prosumer" and intermediate industry in a month.

Frequent updates keep employees immediately informed of important developments with your products and services.

Screenshot Just-in-time (JIT) content is key to an effective microlearning plan.

Screenshot Utilize video for delivering the message to your millennial staff.

Best practice for microlearning is to keep the information short and to the point. Use videos and one defined objective for the learning - we are talking about millennials here, those who use their personal mobile devices more than they use a desktop computer.

Take a look at the screenshots we've posted here. There are only 5 topics, each with a very limited set of learning content. Most topics use video to get the training delivered by capturing the visual and audio senses.

Just remember, showing videos doesn't take the place of having the learner demonstrate what they have learned.

Ensure your microlearning includes interaction with the training content, simulations, and realistic (situation-based) examples to engage the learner.

We mentioned "millennials" earlier and their "mobile devices" life-line - this is their world and they are the next heavily employable generation - completely interconnected with everything around them. So the training has to be too.

Responsive design is the only way to go with this type of learning.

The screenshots here show our sales microlearning course on a desktop, tablet, and phone. There's no excuse to deliver JIT content in one mode. Your employees will use any device they have to compelete their training and stay informed. Especially staff that travel for work (sales reps, technicians, supervisors,... - just to name a few).

The training content and visuals are clean, simple, and to-the-point. No fluff here.

Screenshot Microlearning on a tablet and phone.
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