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eLearning simulations for technicians.

"Students were able to select test instruments and perform simulated troubleshooting procedures with limited guidance, measuring temperatures, pressures, and electrical values in order to reach a conclusion about the source of the problem. Despite the complexity of the simulation, Creative Approaches responded to the challenge, producing an interactive training tool that was very well received by the HVAC industry."

~ Mr. Thomas Burke, President of

eLearning Simulations Case Study

One of the many projects on which Topaz has successfully collaborated with Creative Approaches was a complex simulation of an air conditioning system to teach troubleshooting to HVAC technicians. The simulator allows instructors to change system components and operating parameters to create a nearly bottomless source of troubleshooting scenarios.

Our work with Carrier and Topaz is a bit of a history lesson. To start, we have worked with both companies since the early 90's. Over this long length of time the products, services, design, development, hardware, and sofware have drastically changed.

The original simulator was absolutely cutting edge when we designed it.

At the time, Authorware was the primary choice for developing courseware and Flash was gaining ground as an "animation" tool that played well with other software. So there we were, a room full of instructional designers with heaps of creative ideas - and software at our fingertips - all edgy to get started.

The main goal of the project was to put the tools in the hands of the service and installation technicians prior to having them head into the field. The training became part of the "new hire" process for Carrier - and as a result of it being so realistic (at the time) it was also dubbed as "refresher" training.

Everything about the process was simulated. Right down to the tools in the technician's belt (You can see them in the first screenshot).

Three dimensional images were added, code was written, interactions and databases were developed, calcualtions and views were created, and animated features were designed and put in place.

Simulator The original HVAC simulation developed in Authorware and Flash.
Simulator Data tables run live feeds and calculations during the simulation.

Believe it, or not, this simulator is still being used today. Honestly. :)

Fast forward more than 20 years and we find ourselves using new software with new techniques, but the goal is always the same...

Build it so the learner can retain it.

We are now working with Topaz Publications, Inc., NCCER, and Pearson to design and develop simulation exercises that are added into their new training manual e-books. The artwork in these exercises are illustrations (not 3D this time). Simple, clean, vector artwork that is easy to understand and follow.

The interactive examples are "responsive". Meaning they change their shape based on the learners screen size. You can try this out. If you are viewing this site on your desktop or laptop shrink the width of your browser. You'll notice the example below will shrink to a size that fits on a phone.

The exercise shown below is a live sample.
Go ahead and try it.

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Interactive simulations greatly improve retention.