Computer History Slider

Interactive Simulations

A perfect way to show information over time - and entice the learner to interact with it.

With eLearning the name of the game is "engaging". The delivery of your content must appeal to a very wide audience.

If you are a larger business you'll employ a wide range of ages. With each age range comes many different levels of understanding technology - both outdated and current. To add another layer to this, you'll have a range of interests - personal and work-wise. So how to keep everyone focused?

So the question really becomes "How do I strongly engage my employees so they WANT to interact with our online courses and electronic training materials?

How about providing them with materials they can interact with - on any device? Including the one in their pocket.

The exercise shown below is a live sample.
Go ahead and try it.

DEMO Slide the bar from left to right and back. (Original concept by Nancy Woinoski).
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Animations and simulations keep learners focused.