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Simple Exercises Using Simulations

Interactive simulations for students.

Note: the simulations on this page use Flash (without html5 fallback). You will not see them using Apple iOS devices.

Interactive Simulations Use Case

We've always used the "Now it's your turn to try it" phrase with our instructional design methods.

NCCER contacted us with a need to allow the student to interact with the course material. First, a bit of show and tell, then a "You try it" section in each topic.

What we are showing here are a couple examples built in Flash (with no html5 fallback) from a number of years ago. This was when Flash was the "go to" for these types of development needs.

Each of the examples on this page are LIVE. SO go ahead and try them.

Each exercise was simple and to the point. It reinforced the exact mathematical and scientific method presented in the training material. The learner had the opportunity to revist the exercise as often as they needed.

A Few Other Demos
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