Truck Maintenance Training Manual

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Online guides, iBooks, and EPUBs that educate mechanics and technicians.

Having maintenance manuals at-the-ready is a necessity. Having them on a tablet or phone is even better. Below is a video of a "mocked-up" revised guide that simply demos how 3D works on an iBook/EPUB. Interactive guides are the perfect electronic tool for any employee that works off-site or in-the-field.

iBooks and EPUBs enhance the learners experience by adding a large array of rich html interactions. We can also add image galeries (slideshows), interactive images, video, multiple choice and drag-and-drop questions, pop overs, and more!

Another benefit of an interactive guide (IBook or ePub) is it can be updated rather quickly and can be downloaded and viewed offline (no internet connection required).

VIDEO Demonstrating the 3D capabilities that an iBook/EPUB can provide.
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An interactive guide just might be what you need.