Navigating Sales Demo Course

CBT Design & Development

CBT's can be updated and redeployed very quickly - unlike paper manuals and CD-ROMs.

For this demo we are stressing the "modification" of learning material. With a CBT, content can be modified immediately without replacing a CD or Flash Drive. Especially when the CBT is deployed online - either through an LMS or secure portal.

With a web-based course there is no need to stress about the final course size. Purchasing space online is very inexpensive.

Unlike classroom training, eLearning content can be accessed by multiple employees, in multiple locations at any point in time. Every time an employee accesses a course or other eLearning asset, your ROI improves because your cost to provide that specific course or asset remains the same.

Because you opted to have your training material converted to a CBT you can now request updates as needed.

Creative Approaches makes CBT updates very quickly and will either repost the course on your behalf or deliver the updated file to you directly.

The CBT shown below is a live sample.
Go ahead and try it.

DEMO The above CBT has been edited for demonstration purposes.
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