Recorded Screens provide effective visuals of an actual system, product, or feature.

For those times when showing exactly what (or how) to do something HAS to be presented visually.

Note: the simulation on this page uses Flash (without html5 fallback). You will not see it using Apple iOS devices.

"Show-And-Tell" Use Case

For those times when you just really need to walk your employees through the exact steps. Nothing beats a series of step-by-step animations that describe the parts of a process in an ordered sequence.

This example demonstrates the steps involved in using a CMS to edit page content. It's a very simple (and rather old) sample, but we believe it provides a reliable use case for how this learning style can be developed.

Most often, a step-by-step topic would also include interactive simulations for the learner to try the process, This assists in retaining the information.

Step-by-step This example demonstrates how to edit web page content using a CMS.
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We build incredible show-and-tell simulations.