Holiday Game

Flash Development, user interaction, collision detection, matching logic

Sometimes a bit of fun is all that's needed at the end of a busy year.

Note: the game on this page uses Flash (without html5 fallback). You will not see it using Apple iOS devices.

Holiday Game Use Case

There are times when you need to really push your abilities. The game Tetris came out for the Nintendo Game Boy handheld back in 1989 - and it was AWESOME!.

I remember saving up for the original Game Boy by working long hours on a farm and, if I can recall correctly, Tetris was the first game I purchased for it. Many of us still love gaming today, although it's a VERY different world from those days of Tetris.

How much could we learn by emulating complex works of computing code structures? And what can we learn from our failures?

Back in 2004 we challenged ourselves by setting up a short timeframe to complete the game you see here. Built it in Flash - missed our self-imposed deadline by a day - and had a great time working on it.

We thought it would be good for you to see one of the many projects we've come up with in order to build our skills and polish the ones we already know. Have fun!

GAME Yes, you read that right 2004 - 2005. Enjoy!
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